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Ethereum's Big Upgrade: the Shanghai Fork

February 17, 2023

Dora Medek (Advertising)

What is the Shanghai hard fork and why should you care – a lot?

In March 2023, #Ethereum will undergo its first big upgrade – also known as a “hard fork” – since its shift to a proof-of-stake system in September 2022. Once Ethereum’s upcoming “Shanghai” upgrade completes, 16 million staked ether will finally become withdrawable by the validators that help operate the network.

Subsequently, Lido, the largest liquid staking platform, has also announced its proposals to allow its users to easily redeem their stETH for ETH. Providing a smoother staking experience for individuals.

Read about the milestone of #ETH in the article of Coindesk and learn what’s next for Ethereum after the Shanghai hard fork.